A Painter's Garden
'A Painter's Garden' is a main street-level mini-Gallery in T.Nagar. We are pleased to offer our available space as a venue for the creative process in the display of arts and crafts thereby encouraging young, up and coming artists to showcase their talent thus initiating a meeting and interaction of like-minded people.

We also hire the hall for selective and significant Corporate events, promotions / product launch. 'A Painter's Garden' offers a unique setting and our hall is made with simplicity and practicality for exhibiting Art. Brick, concrete, glass and wood offer a sleek background with a decorative style of it's own. We encourage individuals, groups, organizations to use the space and facilities, for events that facilitate interest and participation in Visual Arts. In our mission to engage the community in the creative process, we hope that you will embrace the active teaching and learning that might occur simultaneously to your event as part of the experience of renting our space.

The hall can hold up to 20 people at a time. We can display upto 30 paintings at a time. The hall is available for rental all days of the week from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m.
General Terms & Conditions
  • Smoking and consumption of alchohol are banned inside the gallery.
  • Chewing of Paan Parag/Paan/Tobacco and spitting in the premises is strictly prohibited.
  • No food or drink is permitted in the exhibition hall at any time.
  • No open flames are permitted.
  • The gallery does not provide catering services, tables , chairs, décor or linens.
  • No recorded music or other forms of entertainment / loudspeakers shall be played inside or outside the hall.
  • The Renter shall not drive nails, use drawing pins, celotape or any other adhesive substance on the walls or doors of the gallery and shall not soil or disfigure any part of the building or furniture in any manner.
  • Placement and hanging of Paintings can be done by gallery personnel only.The lighting system consists of LED bulbs and a track system with spot lights. These cover a great deal of flexibility. Lights will be adjusted only by gallery staff.
  • No items should be displayed outside the gallery. If violated, the management will be under liberty to confiscate and remove the items without warning or explanation, since this does not come under the space rented out.
  • Trash must be disposed in a large dumpster on the side of the gallery.
  • There are an adequate number of parking spots available in the streets adjoining the building. The gallery does not provide security for the on-street parking. Please be mindful of any street parking signs/rules.
  • The renter agrees to designate one person to be in charge while at the gallery.
  • The timing of the exhibition shall be 11 am to 7 pm. The Renter shall not use the gallery before 11 am except on the first day of the show for the purpose of arranging the exhibits or after 7 pm except on the last day of the show for the purpose of clearing up.
  • The rules are subject to alteration and modification at any time at the discretion of the Management.
  • In order to lock in a requested date, an agreement / form has to be filled and signed by the Renter. The rental and deposit fees are due when contracts are signed.

A Painter's Garden
A Mini Exhibition Hall,
New No. 16, Old No. 33, Thanikachalam Road,
T.Nagar, Chennai – 600 017.
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